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We Own Land Eyes Follow Up to Incredible Debut Release, “The Plan”

We Own Land are one of the most exciting up and coming punk & rock offerings in a long time. Guitarists Jonny Jones and Travis Ward, both on the Planet Tone artist roster, pack an aggressive one, two punch. We were able to catch up with Travis Ward as they hit the studio. Actively working on their second release, We Own Land promises to deliver energetic power packed riffs with songs infused with heart racing, melodic solos. 1. Your last album was an amazing punk and rock collaboration. What can fans expect on your next release? Since our last album, we have written many songs. We are all from different backgrounds from a musical standpoint, which in turn has really...

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Introducing the Defiance Humbucker by Planet Tone

A well balanced yet very powerful humbucker! Handcrafted to yield tonal perfection to the musician looking for power with a dynamic top end. Wound to yield the highest in tonal fidelity, the Defiance Humbucker is made with a tonal spectrum that is very rich in mid-range for a very full, thick and meaty tone. It's monstrous by definition, yet very articulate in response. The top end is very rich, luscious and comes through the mix extremely well. The bottom end is nice and chunky, perfect for crunch and drop tunings. In addition, because the Defiance Humbucker has an output of 16.75k with a double Allen pole construction, it responds well when used directly with today's modern high gain amplifiers. It's...

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Planet Tone is born from Nico’s USA Pickups!

What an incredible year 2016 was! The company saw marked growth and major acceptance as one of the premier winding companies in the world today. That growth was not without lessons. However, looking back on our year. We realized that we could do many more things better including the marketing of the pickups, our incredible artists and fine dealers worldwide. As a result, Nico’s USA has changed its name to Planet Tone! This bold change is very welcomed. It's a marked step forward to enhance and embolden our share in the pickup marketplace. So look for a bigger presence in 2017!!

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