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Shred Galore - Chris Malone's Powered Up New Single Featuring Phoenix Van Der Weyden

Heavy and shred! Some of the best genres paired up! Planet Tone artist Chris Malone does not disappoint in this teaser - his first single off his upcoming album. The song offers a super sweet heavy riff with tons of shred too! But wait! There's more....the guest solo is by Phoenix van der Weyden! Look for Chris Malone's latest release to be simply powered up. And if you know Chris, he's creative and can shred. You can bet there will be a lot more of this to come! You can keep up with Chris at Chris Malone play Planet Tone Aggressor and Destiny humbuckers, 1962 Scooped Mids and Custom for Tele pickups

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The 1951 Original Brings Back The True Esquire® Tone Leo Fender Intended

Back in the late 1940s and very early 1950s, Leo Fender created many early versions of what would become today's Telecaster®. While the Telecaster® has evolved in so many ways, especially from that early "snakehead" model, the early pickup that was first used was a mainstay - at least at first. The pickup was wound to about 9.0k in many respects and yielded a much hotter and twangier tone that yielded a mean lead tone when driven with overdrive a sweet hot vintage tube amp. For some, it was too hot. So, Leo compromised sometime in the mid early 1950s and started winding pickups closer to the 5.5-6.0k range. Perhaps, one consistency through it all was the Alnico III magnets...

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Introducing the Defiance Humbucker by Planet Tone

A well balanced yet very powerful humbucker! Handcrafted to yield tonal perfection to the musician looking for power with a dynamic top end. Wound to yield the highest in tonal fidelity, the Defiance Humbucker is made with a tonal spectrum that is very rich in mid-range for a very full, thick and meaty tone. It's monstrous by definition, yet very articulate in response. The top end is very rich, luscious and comes through the mix extremely well. The bottom end is nice and chunky, perfect for crunch and drop tunings. In addition, because the Defiance Humbucker has an output of 16.75k with a double Allen pole construction, it responds well when used directly with today's modern high gain amplifiers. It's...

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