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Planet Tone Artists

Tinsley Ellis Julian Sas Scott Moughton
Daniel Ash Jasio Kulakowski Sue Foley
Dan Mumm Rick Marcel Bernie Torme
Steve Cone Scott Abene Rob Sas
Paul DesLauriers Steve Stine Phoenix van der Weyden
Johnny Compton Karl Apelmo Phil Durr
Mick Bryan Travis Ward Kieran Robertson
Bryan Chung Paul Erdman Chris Malone
Chrisse Olsson Paul Geerts Kent Stump
Daniel Imenes Micke Petterson Wayne Ruddell
Mark Sayer Daryl Shephard Tyler Larsen
Roger Seierland Harry Rivers Rosie Flores
Danny B. Harvey Lucas Fowler

Interested in becoming a Planet Tone artist?

We are looking for energetic musicians to actively endorse our products as we endorse you and your band. We are looking for musicians who understand what it takes to be an endorsed artist. Check out this great article on the "Do's and Don'ts" of endorsements, it's a great endorsement 101. If you like to make demo videos, share and market your talents by using your favorite gear, then send us the following to

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6. Why you would like to become a Planet Tone artist