The 1951 Original Brings Back The True Esquire® Tone Leo Fender Intended

Back in the late 1940s and very early 1950s, Leo Fender created many early versions of what would become today's Telecaster®. While the Telecaster® has evolved in so many ways, especially from that early "snakehead" model, the early pickup that was first used was a mainstay - at least at first.

The pickup was wound to about 9.0k in many respects and yielded a much hotter and twangier tone that yielded a mean lead tone when driven with overdrive a sweet hot vintage tube amp. For some, it was too hot. So, Leo compromised sometime in the mid early 1950s and started winding pickups closer to the 5.5-6.0k range. Perhaps, one consistency through it all was the Alnico III magnets which yielded a nice sustain and a smoother response than today's Alnico V pickups.

Regardless of what was used early on, we know these instruments were amazing. But, there was something special about the early pickups. The had some serious power, meat and dynamics. Something modern players really seek for their pickups. 

In the spirit of those of Esquire® pickups, Planet Tone researched books, the internet, and whatever else we could find and developed something that could live up to this killer vintage pickup. Then, about 10 years ago, we got our hands on a 1951-1952 Broadcaster/Esquire....the pickup had an output of just over 9k...fully original and had such amazing tone, its response was mouth watering.

So, we hit the drawing board and have introduced our version of the 1951 pickup. It responds like a high speed race car with lots of power under the hood. It's extremely dynamic, organic and has an incredible EQ. The top end is bright but not thin. Super lush with lots of balanced tone and sparkle. The bottom end is tight and responds wonderfully to overdrive or gain. The great thing about its tone is that it responds well to all types of styles. Country, Blues, Rock, Punk and Metal. 

If you are looking for a Telecaster® pickup that is beefier without losing dynamics, take a look at the Planet Tone 1951 Original, you'll be glad you did!


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