Introducing the Defiance Humbucker by Planet Tone

A well balanced yet very powerful humbucker! Handcrafted to yield tonal perfection to the musician looking for power with a dynamic top end.

Wound to yield the highest in tonal fidelity, the Defiance Humbucker is made with a tonal spectrum that is very rich in mid-range for a very full, thick and meaty tone. It's monstrous by definition, yet very articulate in response. The top end is very rich, luscious and comes through the mix extremely well. The bottom end is nice and chunky, perfect for crunch and drop tunings.

In addition, because the Defiance Humbucker has an output of 16.75k with a double Allen pole construction, it responds well when used directly with today's modern high gain amplifiers.

It's perfect for heavier styles of play including metal, shred, rock, heavy blues, punk and alternative.

So often players are forced to use a ceramic pickup in today's power pickup market. Planet Tone has designed the Defiance Humbucker to retain incredible warmth, depth while satisfying the thirst for power. The warmth is an amazing added touch, as it allows for an incredible tonal experience when played clean, melodic play and articulate soloing.

We would like to thank Ryan Henkel from Ohio for helping us come up with the name. Thank you Ryan!

You can learn more or buy the Defiance Humbucker by clicking here.