We Own Land Eyes Follow Up to Incredible Debut Release, “The Plan”

We Own Land are one of the most exciting up and coming punk & rock offerings in a long time. Guitarists Jonny Jones and Travis Ward, both on the Planet Tone artist roster, pack an aggressive one, two punch.

We were able to catch up with Travis Ward as they hit the studio. Actively working on their second release, We Own Land promises to deliver energetic power packed riffs with songs infused with heart racing, melodic solos.

1. Your last album was an amazing punk and rock collaboration. What can fans expect on your next release?

Since our last album, we have written many songs. We are all from different backgrounds from a musical standpoint, which in turn has really stood out with this upcoming album. Collaborating and finding what works. Needless to say, this new album is going to kick your ass with some amazing hooks, awesome solos and will leave your mouth open and wanting more!!

2. When writing songs, how has experience changed your perspective and attack on songwriting?

It usually takes about a year from the start of someone's riff to the creating phase to being ready to play it live for the first time. Jon is a riff machine, that dude writes the most amazing riffs. This is Jon and mine's first band together and it is the perfect compliment to each others playing. I have always been a metal player and Jon played more rock n roll/punk stuff. We're so comfortable with how each other plays that songs are more technical but they so badass!!

3. If your band could pinpoint influences, who would your top 3 influences by and why?

Three biggest influences boy that's a good question! There are so many. Hellacopters - just an awesome band with great songs. Ramones - well its the Ramones. Lastly would say Supersuckers - another rockin' band.

4. Lastly, what are you excited for in 2017 and 2018?

As we look ahead to 2018 we look to release our third album which will be all the newest songs which we are slowly playing now. That album is gonna Rock!!!


You can hear We Own Land's first release, The Plan on Bandcamp.