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Supremacy HD Pickup for Strat®

Supremacy HD Pickup for Strat®

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound for a gorgeous professional tone!!
Singles are $34.95 each or Calibrated Sets for $99.95

By popular demand! Introducing -- Supremacy HD for your Strat®! An incredible set yielding a balance of power and dynamics! Largely based on our 1951 Original Tele bridge, the Supremacy HD has a comparable output yielding professional tone that is luscious, clear, warm, dynamic, chimey, versatile with a bridge that provides a full yet Strat like tone.

The output of the neck is approximately 6.1 to provide just enough mid range to soar above traditional stock pickups without getting muddy or over bearing. The neck is very clear and offers studio like articulation for the demanding player.

The middle is not much hotter than the neck to compliment the clarity and chime that single coil instruments are known for. Very punchy, warm and when in combo with the neck or bridge --- lots of that lovely quack! A very usable pick with a nice dynamic response.

The bridge is incredibly fun to play. Full sounding but not big or boomy. Punchy but yet powerful. Lots of dynamics with a meaty response that is extremely desirable, especially for those who want more from the bridge. Nothing anemic or thin...just a well balanced bridge with lots of flexibility and drive.

You can choose different magnet types. All pickups are wound with the same wire we use on our very popular Elite Pro set...Natural Enamel. The clean tone has been described as a flavorful hybrid between 50s and 60s pickups with a highly sought after "vintage throaty" tone. The set is well calibrated to offer a great tone for all genres of music especially blues, country and rock of all types.


  • Neck @ 6.1k
  • Middle @ 6.3k
  • Bridge @ 10.1k
  • Vintage Cloth Leads
  • Black Fiber Bobbins
  • Choose from Alnico II or Alnico V Beveled Magnets
  • Also available is Alnico V non staggered