Road Pro IV Humbucker

Road Pro IV Humbucker

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Pro wound to cut through the mix!!
Handcrafted humbuckers begin at $59.95 each
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Introducing the Road Pro IV Humbucker. Like the Session Pro IV, the Road Pro IV is still a rich, smooth and dynamic humbucker but with an extra helping of midrange. Slightly hotter for a bigger presence needed in “live” applications. Much like the Session Pro IV, it is ideal for the discerning musician who demands the highest quality in tonal warmth, balance but wants more drive out of their pickup.

The Road Pro IV humbucker offers strong sustain, a nice sparkling warmth with driving mids when needed. The top end has rich highs, nice chime with a wonderful vibrancy that is not thin but full. The humbucker is designed to be very responsive, clean and crisp with a luscious and smooth tonal voicing. The mids are perfect, not overpowering and compliment both the highs and lows to give a well rounded tone. The bottom end has a touch has a perfect driving response yet is still tight and punchy. The perfect pickup for the Road Pro guitarist.

Perfect for all styles of play.


  • Alnico IV magnets
  • Neck Output Approx. 9.0k
  • Bridge Output Approx. 12.0k
  • Wax Potted
  • All mounting hardware included
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Chris T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The description of these pickups is spot on but to add a little extra, think vintage vibe but with modern drive but you NEVER lose the dynamic touch and feel of the vintage vibe. I play straight ahead Jazz standards and it’s beautiful. Think John Scofield, Larry Carlton, Steely Dan kinda vibe and they handle moderate output with pushed overdrive extremely well! Perfect! Warm clear with strong mids and the bottom strings stay big and tight. Never woofy. The treble strings are warm and chimey. Very balanced and never harsh. What surprised me the most though was how hard you can drive them. These are AWESOME high gain style pickups! Pinch harmonics pop! Legato and tapping phrases are fantastic with this set. I often use Van Halen’s song Runaround as a barometer for a middle position humbucker sound. They sound amazing! Overall, the balance of frequencies is quite refined. I’ve not played anything quite like these. They work perfectly for me! Thank you!!!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Road Pro IV Humbucker

I installed this in the bridge position of my '78 Gibson SG Standard. I am thoroughly enjoying this pickup. It's got a nice clear crunch to it - the sound is a bit compressed. It's nice counterpoint to the neck pickup, which is the original Gibson "Tarback"... The workmanship on the pickup is first rate.

Rob M.
Pickups sound amazing!!

Pickups sound amazing!!