Lucas Fowler Signature "Statera" Humbucker Set

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Expert wound to L. Fowler's custom specs!
Calibrated Sets begin at $200
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The Lucas Fowler "Statera" signature humbucker set. Statera, Latin for balance. Engineered and designed for tonal balance, chime and clarity in humbucker or single coil settings while producing a nice mellow "quack" like response when the neck and bridge are played in parallel.   

Many humbuckers on the market have a dark and even muddy response. Many players desire the humbucker concept without losing clarity and the chime and bell-like response that single coils possess. Stacks often lack the fullness of a true humbucker. Mr. Fowler wanted something that captured that spirit and accentuated his style of playing - a nice clear and chime, bell-like response. Whether on YouTube or in the studio, Lucas needed something that could meet the demands of playing as well as the various styles he tackles day in and day out. 

The Statera harnesses exactly what Lucas wanted, a crystal clear humbucker with that sweet chime. By utilizing a shortened Alnico IV magnet, we have focused the majority of the magnetic response to be isolated between the polepieces - much like a single coil. In addition, we offset the winds on the bridge by 15% and the neck 20% to enhance the single coil response and characteristics. 

This design allows for an extremely viable and tasteful single coil when split which makes them great for guitars that are versatile in their humbucker/ single coil switching options.

As you can see from the demo video below, the Statera pickups are truly offer a nice bell like response that is clear, dynamic and harmonic with that luscious chime. 

The Statera humbuckers have a subtle "hi-fi" quality that retains note definition and string-to-string clarity without sounding shrill. The neck is clear and crisp with a tight bottom and the bridge is bright and lively with fatter lows and smooth top end. The magic "quacky" sound is present in the middle position when the pickups are set at the same or properly calibrated heights. Suitable for country, blues, classic rock, modern rock and metal. 

The Statera Features:

  • Neck 7.3k
  • Bridge 9.8k
  • Shortened Alnico IV magnets 
  • Enamel Wire
  • Wax potted
  • 4 Conductor
  • Hand made to order in the USA



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