Kent Stump Signature “Magnetic Mojo” P90 Set

Kent Stump Signature “Magnetic Mojo” P90 Set

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound to Kent Stump's exact specs!
Custom Calibrated Sets are $180


The science of fuzz riff mastery demands the right alchemy, the right drive, power and mojo.

The design for Kent Stump’s legendary tone was no accident. The science and chemistry took years of fuzz experience and knowledge. After a series of iterations, the set came alive and hits hard. The perfect dynamic balance to yield perfect and powerful riffs, leads and melodies. The neck is balanced with enough highs to sing yet packed with enough mids to drive. The bridge is overwound to yield the power that Kent was looking for. Not thin, or anemic but very warm, very pure, and very bold and robust tone to pound out leads and heavy rhythms.

Kent Stump’s Signature “Magnetic Mojo” Custom P90 Specs:

  • Enamel Wire

  • Alnico V Magnets

  • Neck Output 8.35k

  • Bridge Output: 9.65k

  • Wax Potted

  • 1 Conductor Braided Lead