Full Throttle Humbucker

Full Throttle Humbucker

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound for a rich & full driving rock tone!
Handcrafted humbuckers begin at $65 each
Choose Neck, Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set
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The Full Throttle Humbucker gives you all you need and more… Designed for the guitarist who likes their humbucker with a touch of extra mids to provide a full, big, meaty and robust tone. Thick yet rich. Meaty yet flavorful. Seasoned with mids but balanced and not muddy.

Perfect for the player who doesn’t want their humbucker to be bright and thin but rather full and dynamic.

Pickup is moderately hotter and is perfect for applications where a thicker or stronger presence of tone is desired. Great to help with cutting through the mix.

Great for all styles of music including blues, rock, heavy rock, punk and metal.

The pickups come with adjustable pole pieces and 2 or 4 conductor leads.


    • Enamel Wire
    • Alnico V magnets
    • All mounting hardware included
    • Neck Output Approx. 8.6k
    • Bridge Output Approx. 11.5k
    • Wax Potted
    • Hand made to order in the USA

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    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Brought some Life to my EC-256

    I got a nice LTD EC-256 for a really good deal last year, and I loved everything about it except I thought the pickups are muddy. These bad boys changed that and brought that guitar to life! So if you have a cheaper LTD or Epiphone Les Paul, these pickups should give them a little boost.

    Matt O.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    My favorite bridge pickup!!

    My new favorite bridge pup. It’s very clear with the right amount of dirt for me. Doesn’t get over saturated and a little hotter than most pafs. Nice clean too!!! I like these better than mid cutting pickups.

    Mike G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    I love strat style guitars but wanted one with two humbuckers in it so I decided to build one. While trying to decide on pickups, I stumbled upon the Plant Tone website and decided to try a set of the Full Throttle pickups in the guitar based on the great reviews and soundclips. Seems to be plenty of reviews here for Les Paul style guitars, so wanted to post my review for those looking to put them in a strat style guitar. Body is sub 4 lb two piece alder (USA Custom Guitars body I bought years ago), Warmoth roasted maple neck/fingerboard with '59 neck profile, gold EVO 6100 frets, Tusq XL nut, floating Wilkinson VSVG trem with steel block. Leveled, crowned, polished, and dressed the fret ends myself, as well as making the nut from scratch with wider spacing than the pre slotted ones, Sperzel locking tuners, no string tree. I ordered the bridge pickup with the 52 mm pole piece spread and the neck with standard 50 mm spread, the polepieces line up with the strings well. The guitar has become my favorite (and I have a bunch, much to my wife's dismay!), I've been playing the guitar pretty much non stop since I finished it, about 4 months now, haven't even touched any of my others much. Although the guitar is the best playing instrument I currently own, a big part of the reason I love this guitar so much is the pickups. I am really really pleased with how these sound, they are really ballsy but not muddy at all. The bridge pickup sounds sooo good with some gain really pleasing and musical to my ear, and the neck does not sound woofy at all. I play a lot of blues rock and classic rock type music, and these really do the job in spades. Turn the gain up and rock out, think La Grange, Tie Your Mother Down, Eruption, Whipping Post, Blue Sky, etc. These pickups just flat out kick ***, highly recommended.