Custom for Tele® – Bridge

Custom for Tele® – Bridge

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound for a dynamically rich and powerful pickup!
Singles are $59.95 each

Incredible vintage tone for your Telecaster. This pickup is special wound with enamel magnet wire to give it a nice powerful output with sparkling clarity, a touch of bite for a big bridge sound. This pickup has juice and pop and will bring the smallest of Tele setups to life. Tired of that thin, bright Tele sound? This pickup is the answer. Full, warm with a vintage flavor but big, and sparkling clear!

Made in the USA at our shop in Denver, CO using American components.


  • 13k output
  • Enamel wire
  • vintage cloth leads
  • Choose Alnico III or V magnets
  • cloth covered
  • wax potted
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Keef R.
Another Awesome Pickup from Planet Tone

A few months ago I got an awesome set of their 59' humbuckers, so when looking for a different, unique, quality Tele bridge pickup I again turned to these cats. Glad I did. Smashing mates! I went with the weaker Alnico III magnets to offset the fact this was quite a bit overwound..good thinking, because it sounds friggin' perfect. Still has that snappy Tele tone but with a bit more meat & balls behind it. Still clear & clean, not like a lot other hot Tele pickups, which are quite dark. Keep up the good work dudes. Cheers to you, Keef

Russell G.

I'm sorry I just asked a question about how hot your tele pups were and asked if they were as s Leo made 9.0,then I read the stats on the 51 set and they are even hotter.Pretty sure I'll be getting a set soon again thanks to yall at PLANETTONE

I wish I could explain this technically, but since I ...

I wish I could explain this technically, but since I put this in my telecaster its just ******* balls out powerful. The strings while playing chords are still clarified and sparkely and I play a half step down. If I want it to sound like a older tele I turn the volume down a touch and hit the strings harder and it sounds pretty damn twangy. I've experimented with a few different brands of pickups but not that many so I don't have a huge sample size of data. Do I agree with the sale dude telling me that he believes planet tone are better than any pickup on the market? I'd like to believe that, but how would I know. At this price and the look of the industrial town they're made in, how could they not be authentic blues pickups?