1969 Voodoo Hot Pickup for Strat®

1969 Voodoo Hot Pickup for Strat®

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Custom USA Handmade!
Made to your order!!
Overwound for a sweet Voodoo Blues tone!!
Singles are $45 each or Calibrated Sets for $125
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This set offers similar characteristics to our 1963-1965 set but with much more mid-range flavoring. This set delivers a nice balance of highs, punchy lows and balanced seasoning of mid range for a hotter feel and a touch more power.

The period correct constructions delivers vintage warmth like all Planet Tone pickups, where you can expect vibrancy, tonal dynamics and that true 60s life! The set comes fully calibrated to offer a superb balance of tone in all three positions, perfectly highlighting the nuances of your Strat®. You will also find that incredible “quack” that Stratocasters® are known for coming from those famed “notch” positions.

The middle is RW/RP (Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity), to offer hum canceling in positions 2 and 4 of your 5 way blade switch.


  • Neck @ 6.1k
  • Middle RW/RP @ 6.3k
  • Bridge @ 6.8k
  • Plain Enamel Wire
  • Alnico V Magnets
  • Gray & Black Fiber Bobbins
  • Cloth Push Back Leads
  • Installations Instructions and Screws
  • Wax Potted
  • Hand made to order in the USA


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Old T.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Time Machine pickups

I had a ‘68 vintage Strat back in high school over 50 years ago. It went down the road for some bad reasons. But it had nice pickups, like a middle pickup that could almost do an acoustic tone. Fast forward to this past April and I found a cosmetically similar sunburst body with rosewood fret board ‘92 MiM Strat for a reasonable cost. Foregone conclusion that the pickups would be replaced. Got these 1969 Voodoo Hot jobs. Strat Heaven. I have become a fan of lower wind pickups for better articulation and detail. The stock pickups are even lower wound than these. They are OK. But these Voodoo Hot units just have enough more of everything and are better calibrated for the three positions. After fully shielding the pickup and control cavities, the guitar is even reasonably noisefree. Though I waited about a month for these to arrive, they have proven to be an excellent choice to build a tribute to the late 60s era Strat. The only quibble I have are mine don’t have gray flat work pieces for the bottom, which I know my ‘68 Strat had. I also ordered these with non-staggered pole pieces. That has proven to work just fine with modern strings. Highly recommend these pickups.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent pickups from Planet Tone

This is now my 4th set of pickups from Planet Tone. I have a set of 54's in a strat, 55' hots in a Tele, 57 PAF's in a Les Paul and now the 69' set in another strat. They all really sound as good as you can find out there. I've paid much more for lesser pickups from other boutique makers, I finally just got rid of the last set for these. These pickups are a great value, they are priced super fair and not made cheap at all, they are made as good or better with the same materials as higher priced pickups, period. They are alive with tone and character. The 69' set retains much of the bell tone of the strat pickup, but with more balls. They are a touch throatier and warmer and they sound great. Thanks again Jose and Planet Tone!

Chris C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Mind blown

So I got a Fender player series strat and the stock pickups are “ok” but nothing I’d really want to use for recording. I try out tons of different pickup companies due to the fact that I run a guitar page on Instagram. I’m always looking for new pickup companies to check out and generally always have high end, custom made pickup sets made for me. I decided to completely mod out my strat and I’ve been chasing a specific neck pickup tone that I haven’t been able to find in over a decade. I wanted a beefy, fat, crunchy, warm, spanky neck strat tone in the vein of Rabea Massad/Jimi Hendrix.I haven’t found anything that’s truly come close to that unless it was in a custom hand made guitar designed to sound that way. So I stumbled across PlanetTone pickups and always meant to try them out but never really had a chance to. I agonized between my choices of pickups and decided to go with these 69 Hot Voodoo’s. For $35 I figured it would be an upgrade from the stock pickups but I wasn’t expecting them to be anything special. Yeah I was completely wrong. These pickups are mind blowing. They absolutely nail that 60’s Hendrix tone in spades but not only that they’re much much more. This pickup is so strong that it could pass as a humbucker with a high gain amp. I primarily run a Fractal AX8 and use mostly Neural DSP plugins for recording so a lot of times a lot gets lost in translation. Not these. These really brought those digital rigs to life and added a whole new layer to the tone. They’re very strong single coils. Very very strong armed but rolling back of the volume just a hair and you’ve got the sexiest blues and jazz tones out there. Forget the price point. I’d put these up against Suhr or bare knuckle pickups all day long. My most favorite neck pickup in the world is the Seymour Duncan 59 coil tapped in an ash open pore finished body with maple and ebony neck/fretboard. That combination is tonal bliss. This pickup beats that easily. If you’d like to hear this pickup in action check out my page : @gearsy-ggaa on Instagram. I’m about to post up done before and after recordings on SoundCloud as well. Artist name: void of course. Planet Tone pickups has made me a customer for life. Their customer service is phenomenal and their pickups are mind blowing. If you’re on a budget or not on a budget you should get this pickup. If you want a HUGE upgrade to your tone it would honestly be irresponsible to pay way more anywhere else to end up with less when you’ve got these at the PERFECT price point and absolutely perfect tone. Throw one in and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about