MHS III Humbucker
MHS III Humbucker
MHS III Humbucker

MHS III Humbucker

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Custom USA Handmade to order!
ound for that cherished Memphis Historic Spec tone!
Humbuckers begin at $64.95 each
Choose Neck or Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set
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Our version of the cherished Memphis Historic Spec humbucker based on careful research of the originals! Guaranteed to offer all the vintage chime, punch and vintage humbucker tone that comes from the legendary MHS III humbucker!

The neck is carefully wound to approximately 7.3k to offer that classic MHS III tone. You can expect clarity, chime and a lovely neck tone that is meaty but not muddy or "woofy". Pure vintage bliss!

Likewise, the bridge, too, is made with precision to yield a perfectly complimented and calibrated set. At approximately 7.8k, the bridge is punchy, dynamic and has perfect vintage clarity! 

Made with Alnico III magnets for the perfect balance of sustain, complimented with a pinch of drive. A humbucker set that offers wonderful vintage clarity and punch that is perfect for all applications of music especially blues, country and rock.

Available in neck or bridge position.


  • Enamel wire
  • Alnico III magnets
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Neck Output Approx 7.3K
  • Bridge Output Approx 7.8K
  • Wax Potted
  • Hand made to order in the USA

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United States United States
I recommend this product

Smooth and Clean

This is my first set of Planet Tone pickups and I’m super pleased with them. They are smooth and clean sounding, not harsh at all, They’ sound great both clean and with gain. Excellent note separation and clarity. They’re everything I hoped they’d be when I ordered them.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Very very nice pickups!

I recommend getting priority shipping or higher. USPS Advantage sucks. I bought one for the bridge on my Les Paul. I got a gold cover on it too. 4 conductor wire. These were recommended to me by a friend. They came packaged very well and the pickup itself was in perfect professional quality condition. The Gold Cover was polished so well it had a mirror finish to it. I measured it using a multimeter and was a little bit worried. Mine measured 7.2k. As stated above, this was the bridge model. The description says the Neck measures at 7.3k and Bridge 7.8. So mine measured slightly lower than the neck version. This may be due to my multimeter though. Installation was very easy for me but that's only because I already have a lot of experience. It sounds very very good. The high's in this pickup are very present. I had a JB Alnico V pickup in my Les Paul prior and the Treble is similar in this pickup. The Mids are definitely there. It has a unique Bass response though. The Alnico V JB has very tight bass. This one isn't tight but it felt bassy in a good way oddly enough. The Stock pickups for this particular guitar were Alnico II's. I've also had a Duncan Distortion, DiMarzio Super Distortion and the JB in this same guitar at the bridge. Definitely much brighter than the Alnico II's. This is something I like though. This pickup seems to have more of everything except output lol. This is okay though, because this can be compensated with Pickup height(Alnico III's have very low magnetic field which means you can set them a bit closer to the strings than most) and amp/pedal settings. The Last thing I can say is the oddity of these. Gibson made two different pickups in two different eras with Alnico III's with virtually the same specs as these. These were modelled after a small run of PAF's from the early 60's. Most PAF's are all Alnico V pickups except for a small run in the early 60's using Alnico III's. About 10-15 years ago Gibson reproduced those Early 60's Alnico III PAF's and called them "Memphis Historic spec" because those early 60's ones were made for Hollow body Gibson's at a factory in Memphis. These are obviously Planet tone's version of those. There is another however. In the late 60's and early to mid 70's, Gibson switched from PAF's to a newer model people eventually called "T-Tops". The only reason for the T-Top name was because the bobbin on those had a T Shape underneath. Otherwise they were basically updated PAF's. Those all included Alnico V magnets except for some made between 1974 and 1977 which had Alnico III's. Gibson calls those "Super 74" pickups. They were reproduced for a Randy Rhoads Signature guitar and is when they called them "Super 74's". These Planet Tone MHS III's are essentially two era's of Gibson pickups in one as both the original Gibson MHS and Super 74's have identical specs to these. So, these are honestly a great bargain! They sound and look absolutely fantastic! I will not hesitate from buying Planet tone pickups in the future! Long winded review but I got a lot to say!

Mark W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

If you want vintage.

I did not take the extra quick shipping, but still arrived in short order. Normally, I like pick ups with a little more juice than these but in this guitar, I wanted to shoot for the most vintage tone. And boy did this deliver in spades. I would not hesitate to buy these again.