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Elite Humbucker Series - Design Your Own Humbucker

Elite Humbucker Series - Design Your Own Humbucker

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Wound exactly to your specs!
Read the description below to design your own humbucker!
Custom handcrafted h
umbuckers begin at $80 each
Choose Neck, Bridge or add both for a Custom Calibrated Set 


The Elite Series Humbucker by Planet Tone. A humbucker for the next generation of tone lovers! Designed to offer warmth, growl and a super luscious top end. The pickup is extremely dynamic with a tonal response that is articulate and defining. It is for the player who loves vintage warmth but wants a modern response and articulation from their pickup.

Unlike most pickups and pickup manufacturers, we've allowed you to customize your humbucker to provide exactly the tone you wish. Choose the amount of drive vs. sustain by varying the strength of your magnet. Choose your mid-range response by varying the output. Higher output means more mid-range response. This allows you to cater your tone, especially at the bridge. Choose how much treble or top end response your humbucker offers by varying the design from a single pole piece design to double pole pieces. Each option slightly adjusts the tone of your pickup giving you the tonal response from your guitar that you desire.

Choose your Magnet:

    • Alnico II (80% Sustain / 20% Drive)
    • Alnico III (60% Sustain / 40% Drive)
    • Alnico IV (40% Sustain / 60% Drive)
    • Alnico V (20% Sustain / 80% Drive)
    • Alnico VIII (100% Drive - Heavy Mids)
Choose your Output (6K - 20k):
    • Please note lower outputs tend to have more signal room and treble response with a punchy feel
    • Higher outputs tend to have a higher gain and push amps more. They also tend to have more midrange response with a softer or less than punchy response on the low end
    •  Ideal Neck Outputs are around 8.0 for traditional tone and clarity
Choose your Pole Piece configuration:
    • Single Pole Pieces - Traditional look and top end (treble) response
    • Double Pole Pieces - Double screw look at bobbins. Max top end (treble) response; ideal for hotter pickups
    • Natural Enamel Wire
    • Alnico II, III, IV, V, or VIII magnets
    • All mounting hardware included
    • Neck or Bridge
    • Single or Double Pole Piece options available
    • Wax Potted

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