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Dan Mumm Signature "Dominatus" Humbucker Set

Dan Mumm Signature "Dominatus" Humbucker Set

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Handmade in the USA to order!!
Expert wound to D.Mumm's Neo-Classical specs!
Calibrated Sets begin at $180


Introducing the Dominatus Humbucker. Designed for Dan Mumm, the Dominatus is a shredder's dream. Whether you are into Neo-Metal, Classical, Shred, or Rock, this pickup offers the warmth, power and tonal dynamics modern players are looking for.

The Dominatus is extremely clear and dynamic with the perfect amount of power for drive and gain without sacrificing warmth or top end focus. You'll find the pickup to offer wonderfully clean jazz tones that push well for amazing lead tone. In addition, the open wind construction offers freedom from today's overly compressed pickups. This yields an amazing spectrum of tone.

The Dominatus neck, wound to 9.55k, is matched with an Alnico V magnet and black Allen pole pieces. The output and construction yields a pickup that can play vintage creamy blues or today's crunch or shred. Not only is it versatile, but it is powerful too! Modern applications and music styles are no problem.

The bridge pickups offers an output of approximately 15.1k. It's the perfect blend of power and dynamics. It has the output many of today's players are looking for without compromising on quality and fidelity. The clarity is absolutely incredible even at high gain and volumes. Just like the neck, an Alnico V magnet is used for warmth and the perfect flavoring of presence and drive.

The Dominatus Features:

Neck 9.55k
Bridge 15.1k
Alnico V magnets
Allen / Black Slugs Option

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