Les Paul 50s Wiring Harness - Gibson 300K Potentiometers

Les Paul 50s Wiring Harness - Gibson 300K Potentiometers

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Les Paul 1950s Wiring Harness

Note: These are long shaft potentiometers - ideal for thick les paul style tops


Save time and upgrade on your next project!

Featuring a 1950s style harness with your choice of capacitors. Professionally soldered harness comes with 4 Gibson 300k potentiometers and 2 capacitors. All soldered up and ready for your next project!

Gibson 300k parts are long shaft for Les Paul and thicker style tops. The 300K resistance offers the most natural response for our pickups. Not too bright and not too dark. 


Orang Drop = Great modern choice for a quality capacitor, yields a tone that is slightly brighter than oil

Oil Filled = Vintage feel and response, yields more natural tone

Please note: Capacitors have a very subtle effect on the tone - most ears cannot hear the difference. 

Harnesses ship in 2-3 business days or less or with your pickup order if preferred