Pickup Spotlight: Road Pro IV Humbucker with Demo by Dalton Bell

Those who have played Alnico IV humbuckers know that there is a special and unique flavor to them. The Road Pro IV is no different. It is a great balance of power and EQ and articulation all coming out of one pickup. 

The Road Pro IV has a nice driving tone that cleans up extremely well and offers a great balance of punch and dynamics. As you can hear from Dalton Bell's demo of the Road Pro IV, the cleans are lush with a superb definition that truly brings out the warmth of the pickups...a most organic feel and complexity.

The Road Pro IV pickups offer a neck output of 9K and Bridge of about 12K. They are extremely versatile and have no problem cutting through the mix. The pickup set is great for all styles including rock, blues, country and heavier styles. They also sound superb for RnB, funk and similar genres of music.

You can check them out here: Road Pro IV Humbuckers

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