Josh Ramos Teams Up With Tony Mills of TNT in I'm Only Human

Planet Tone artist Josh Ramos presents some powerful and soulful playing in this collaboration with Tony Mills of TNT and Shy. His goal was to allow each aspect of the music to come through instead of today's wall of sound. Very tastefully done indeed!

Josh's music spans several decades and has been at the forefront of the rock scene with many powerful bands such as Hardline and The Storm. As can be heard from this effort, Josh really has a wide range of music to offer.

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From Frontiers Records:

The new solo album from guitarist Josh Ramos (Hardline, The Storm, Two Fires) is a tour de force from this fiery six-stringer. Featuring guest vocals from Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Joe Retta (Heaven & Earth), Terry Ilous (XYZ), John Bisaha (The Babys), Tony Harnell (ex-TNT), and Tony Mills (ex-Shy, TNT), this album highlights Josh's abilities to play in the melodic rock and bluesy hard rock styles.

“My Many Sides” is Ramos’ second album as a solo artist and what a statement it is! On this album, aptly titled “My Many Sides,” Josh Ramos presents eleven songs where he offers several sides of his exquisite and melodic guitar playing. Featuring guest vocalists of the impressive caliber of Eric Martin (Mr Big), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Joe Retta (Heaven & Earth), Terry Ilous (XYZ), John Bisaha (The Babys), Tony Harnell (ex-TNT), and the last recorded performance from the late Tony Mills (ex-Shy) and a solid rhythm section featuring Fabrizio Grossi on bass (who also produced the album) and Tony Morra on drums, the resulting album is an enjoyable and varied release, where the listener finds great hard rock songs in the style of classic Bad Company, Great White, and Heaven & Earth and more melodic moments, which of course harken back to Josh’s musical heritage in Hardline and The Storm.

Josh Ramos is a guitarist who needs virtually no introduction to discerning melodic rock fans. With a resume that includes The Storm (the band that featured former Journey members Gregg Rolie, Steve Smith, and Ross Valory), Two Fires (with Kevin Chalfant), and Hardline, everyone knows what a substantial contribution Josh has made to the music world.


1. Today’s The Day (Joe Retta on vocals)
2. Unbroken (Terry Ilous on vocals)
3. Blameless Blue (Danny Vaughn on vocals)
4. Immortal (Tony Harnell on vocals)
5. Same Ol’ Fears (Joe Retta on vocals)
6. I've Been Waiting (Harry Hess on vocals)
7. Moving On (John Bisaha on vocals)
8. Forefather (Eric Martin on vocals)
9. Too Good To Be True (Joe Retta on vocals)
10. Ceremony (Instrumental)
11. All Over Now (Joe Retta on vocals)
12. I'm Only Human (Tony Mills on vocals)

Josh Ramos: Guitars
Fabrizio Grossi: Bass, Orchestration, Producer

Vocals: Joe Retta, Tony Harnell, Danny Vaughn, John Bisaha, Harry Hess, Eric Martin, Terry Illous, Tony Mills

Tony Morra: Drums
Michael T Ross: Pianos, Keyboards
Alex Alessandroni Jr: Hammond
Eric Ragno: Keyboards