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COVID-19 Info: 

We are currently winding during the COVID-19 quarantines. We have a large shop located onsite with our residence. In addition, staff has been working from home performing tech and manufacturing duties. 
However, because so many musicians are quarantined, we have seen a large boom in business and the average turnaround remains approximately 4-8 weeks. 
Frequently Asked Questions and Planet Tone Policies
  1. Where are your pickups made?
    Our pickups are made in Commerce City, Colorado USA. We are located just outside Denver in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. All pickups are made in our shop to order.

  2. How long does the average order take?
    Based on our current ultra high demand, the average order  of one pickup set can take up to  approximately 30-45 days. The turnaround time depends on the volume we are experiencing and often orders are sent out in less than 30 days. We try to get every order out as expeditiously as possible. Each pickup is handmade to order and treated like a custom pickup for quality and the best tone possible.

  3. Can I Expedite My Order?
    Yes! The fee to expedite your order is $20 per pickup and $50 for a loaded pickguard. We will get your order out in approximately 1 week or less - in most cases 48 hours or less. Custom orders or unique orders may take longer depending on parts needed. Simply contact us if you would like to expedite your order.

  4. Do you offer builder or dealer discounts?
    Yes! And, the volume required to become an authorized Planet Tone dealer or builder isn't as high as you might think. Nor, do you need to be a large builder to qualify. Send us an email or call today. 

  5. Do you offer artist endorsements?
    Yes! If you are interested in an artist endorsement, check out our artist page. Scroll to the bottom and email us the requested artist/band information at the bottom of the page. 

  6. Do you make custom pickups?
    Yes! We can wind pickups to custom specs and often use different colors. Have something in mind? Give us a shout! Send us an email or call today.

  7. Why are your pickups so affordable compared to the competition?
    For several reasons. First, we buy the same - and often better - wire and components our competitors use in volume and pass the savings on to you. Second, we don't charge high rates for our labor which keeps our pickup prices significantly lower. Third, we eliminate the costly extra fancy packaging that will mostly likely see the garbage. Last, simply put - great tone does not have to be expensive. For this reason, like a restaurant with good food, there can be a wait but its worth it!

  8. Are pickups easy to install?
    Yes, they can be and the results make it more than worth it. Especially, if you have soldered before. If you haven't soldered, there are plenty of helpful YouTube videos available. The key is to be patient and take your time. If you don't want to solder, there a plenty of experienced techs at your local guitar shop just waiting to help you out. 

  9. What is your humbucker color code assignment?
    Black is hot
    Green/Bare is ground
    Red/White solder together and tape off or use for coil tapping

  10. Can I cancel my order? Get a refund or exchange?
    We highly discourage it. :) We hope customers understand that all pickups are custom made to order and take a little longer as each pickup is handcrafted. In the event a pickup is DOA, we will expeditiously exchange your pickup. Notify us ASAP and simply send back the defective pickup with your order receipts and we will gladly exchange it. In the event you insist on cancelling, there is a 20% cancellation fee for materials and production time leading up to your order.

  11. Can you make double cream humbuckers?
    Simply put the answer is no. DiMarzio has the sole rights to this color. Anyone pickup maker who willingly makes them is breaking the law.

  12. What's the difference between Alnico II, III, IV, V and VIII?
    In general....the sustain decreases as the magnet power increases. An Alnico II magnet is less powerful than an Alnico V magnet, etc. As the magnet power increases, so does the mid range and the "presence"...much like the presence on an amplifier. In addition, as the magnet power increases, the smooth response diminishes and the attack is elevated.

  13. How do you ship?
    We use the USPS with signature confirmation in most cases. In the event you do not want your item signature confirmed, simply send us an email to waive the signature. Items are sent with signature to ensure you get your pickups safely and to protect against "porch pirates". Any items sent with a waived signature removes any liability from Planet Tone against damage, theft or loss. The signature confirmation ensures your item is hand delivered with care and that you in fact receive your pickups 100% safe and sound. :)